My Story

My Story

Albert Schweitzer said “in everyone’s life, at sometime, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit”

Many of you know me as “the Beautiful Meg”, a term of endearment bestowed on me by my sweet boyfriend. Today I wanted to share a little of myself. I feel like I know so many of you, because of meeting you in person or online. I am continually blessed by the people connected to HKW and your selfless ways of loving on others.

My story is of receiving a heavenly call to go and serve in Milot, Haiti just a few months after the 2010 earthquake. I’d never led a medical team, I’d never served oversees as a nurse and yet it wasn’t about all of my uncertainties, it was about obedience. My story is of meeting others and witnessing a way of life that shook me to my very core—I’ve truly been wrecked by Jesus, been deeply affected, and I’ve never recovered.

I’m a nurse, educated and trained to help others; to deliver healing, to promote health. Despite differences in culture and language barriers, at the end of the day we’re flesh and blood, water and molecules. None of us want to hurt, none of us want to be sick. I’ve been called to be a difference maker, turning illness into health . In the dust and heat of Haiti I felt that inner fire flame into an inferno. It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my place in life, I had just always felt that my call into nursing was going to be more than staying at the local hospital in my home county. I simply didn’t know what that feeling of “more” meant. So when I stood in Haiti, 24 hours after landing, I felt that inner spark surge and knew that THIS was what I was made for. THIS is why I was called into the field of medicine. THIS is what I would commitment my life to.

Eight weeks later I returned to Haiti and watched a country reel in fear and injustice. Political corruption laced with a disease that was killing people by the thousands created a perfect storm for a societal melt down. . People lay on cots in a hot cement room. IV bags ran dry and flies landed on still children. Pants were left looped around ankles and the ten gallon Home Depot buckets placed under cut holes in the cots filled with all that was inside those sick bodies. The word cholera became real to me and sent chills down my spine. It became so very obvious that for as long as I could treat those that were sick and dying- the vicious cycle would not end as long as healthy people were being returned to a dirty water source. All the medicine, all the vaccines, all the time and energy would not change the water where cholera still raged.

My spirit writhed and screamed that it shouldn’t be this way. The words infrastructure, clean water, and sanitation took root in my heart. I just didn’t know what it would look like. I didn’t know how I could impact what seemed like an insurmountable problem. I didn’t know that Humankind water was being planted in another’s heart and that two years later one small conversation would impact my life so greatly.

I believe in HKW because I’ve seen the other side. What life is like without safe drinking water. I’ve heard the wails of mama’s that will be burying their children, I’ve watched a country torn by lies-where fear and anger has reigned and riots have developed, I’ve looked into the eyes of someone who thinks I’m their only hope. So I tell their story, what I’ve seen and what I know and it may not be much but I passionately know this-it doesn’t have to be this way.

My story is of theirs, of serving those with no voice, and how it forever changed mine.

Christmas comes early for Humankind Water but…

Christmas comes early for Humankind Water but…

Can you imagine receiving the perfect gift only to discover that batteries are not included?

That’s exactly what’s happened to Humankind Water.

A very generous and anonymous donor has given Humankind Water a people powered, well digging, drill that provides needy communities with clean water.

There’s only one problem. Right now this perfect present sits idle. It still needs “batteries”.

During this holiday season, please consider having your family, church, company, or organization give or raise the $3500.00 to get the drill spinning and the water flowing. Every $3500.00 will provide a single well and we hope to fund no less than seven wells before the new year. Any size gift you give will help and is 100% tax deductible.

You can give instantly by visiting:

  1. Visit our Donate page
  2. Select a one time donation
  3. In the box marked purpose please type: “Batteries”
  4. Complete your donation through Paypal (you can either log into your Paypal account or, if you don’t have a Paypal account, simply click “continue” at the bottom of the page).

Or you can write a check to Give 100 (the giving arm of Humankind Water), write “Batteries” in the reference section and mail your life giving gift to:

Give 100
c/o Foresight Business Solutions
101 E. 8th Ave, Suite 104
Conshohocken, PA 19428
Attn: Ryan Correia

Seven wells can be dug almost as soon as funds are supplied. These seven wells will provide 70,000 “people years” of water and could help some people just make it to Christmas.

Now that’s a pretty darn close to perfect gift.

In pursuit of <br> “Residual ROI”

In pursuit of
“Residual ROI”

 Many of you may not know, but the very first person I called when struck with the crazy idea of starting Humankind Water, was my best friend, Ben Thankachan. I was sure he would talk me out of it. Instead, he, like so many we’ve talked to since that first conversation, loved the idea. Unlike me, Ben has a wealth of business experience and has brought that, as well as his encouragement and his dollars to support this most unorthodox mission. If I were to write a list of people CRAZY passionate about Humankind Water, his name would be at the top of the list. He has been a true best friend through the tough times, and a comrade in the trenches, when this thing feels like a fight – which it sometimes does. Enjoy Ben’s ideas in this blog as I enjoy them, every day. - T. J.

Most of us derive our identities from what we “do” or what we have accomplished. I am not going to lie to any of you as I am a guy who has been working in corporate America for the past 16 years – and to be completely transparent – I really enjoyed it. I recently made the decision to leave the comfort of a great position with the “Fortune #1″ company in order to pursue things that truly excite me, one of which is helping to focus more of my time and abilities on the growth of Humankind water.

I am not new to HKW, as I have been passionate about this ministry and calling from basically day 1. What I do think I have to offer now is a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to help build a brand and grow sales of this “product” that I’m so passionate about.

In the business world we throw around plenty of terms that the average adult doesn’t commonly come across such as: margin, acv, market share, trade spend,
promotional funds, slotting fees, fsi’s, pos, pdq’s, etc etc.

There are two terms that I have become familiar with, but are taking on a new significance in my current state of life: Residual and ROI (Return On Investment).

A few definitions of residual are: “things that remain or that are left over after the main part of something is gone” or “something left behind”.

ROI can mean: “the most common profitability ratio” or ” the concept of an investment of some resource yielding a benefit to the investor”.

What has me constantly in a state of introspection are the questions: What in my life currently will create “residual ROI”? What can I focus my time, talents, and earthly treasures on, that will produce for me a return (profit) that will far outlast my life here on this earth?

I can’t get away from these thoughts/questions as I am realizing the brevity and the “finiteness” of the time promised me here on earth. I don’t know how many years I will be fortunate enough to live before I close my eyes for the last time, but I do know that I have already lived 39 years and by worldly standards – have done pretty well. But what am I leaving behind that will last beyond my life even to eternity? That is what is “plaguing”me in a very positive yet troubling way.

Some of the earthly things that many of us strive for are: cars, houses, investment properties, annuities, stocks and bonds, 401k’s, 529 accounts, royalties, buildings and scholarships in our name, etc. These are all great things and none of them are wrong if maintained in the right balance, but are they what our minds should be focused on for the future? An accumulation of stuff and personal accolades? Those things are exactly what society tells me to target, and in reality are where my mind and heart are commonly stuck.

Thus far, I have been privileged to play a small part in touching over 500,000 people with at least 1 year of clean drinking water. Watching a group of pastors and youth workers accomplish so much, with so little in regards to traditional business acumen, has been so inspiring to me. What if all the accomplishments of my past were all orchestrated purposefully so that I could spend the rest of my life skillfully attacking the greatest preventable physical problem our generation faces? What if with the remainder of my life I focus my attention on the quality of life we can provide for each of those precious people that we are able to facilitate sustainable clean water for? What if one of those lives that gets touched with clean water is a child who can make it to adulthood, and is the one who will find the cure for cancer and/or HIV? What if one of those lives that gets touched ends up reaching nation after unreached nation and proclaims the gospel to the places that I am too afraid to go?

Is it worth it for me to give up more of myself – in pursuit of ending a problem that our world has basically chalked up to being “impossible to solve”? Is it worth it for you to believe that your support of Humankind water may be accomplishing a greater good than you could ever imagine? Bill Gates(), who is regarded as one of the richest men this planet has ever known, seems to have caught wind of what it means to focus his energy on accomplishing things for the world that will far outlive he or his family. Other billionaires are following suit and pledging to take their remaining years and focusing on eradicating some of the greatest issues our generation deals with globally. None of you who are reading this blog are billionaires, but the challenge is to be faithful with the “little” we have in the same proportion that a billionaire should.

There was a man who once said something impactful about having faith the size of a mustard seed. Was that statement meant to challenge us to step out of our comfort zones and cause us to go after the “seemingly impossible”? I firmly believe it was. Who wants to join with us and pledge to make such a dent in the clean water crisis? A dent so impactful that it could not be properly conveyed on your tombstone one day. That, to me, is a personal accolade worth wholehearted pursuit of, and one I feel called to for the remainder of my life.

We are assembling quite a team; and the miracles are getting bigger and better (some we can’t even share as of yet). All that is missing is what YOU can bring to the Humankind table…

Muthrasupally, Andra Pradesh, India

Muthrasupally, Andra Pradesh, India

This is well #2 of what will be at least 8 in Andra Pradesh, India.  These kids from an underprivileged caste in the poorest area of Muthrasupally. The well is third party rated to last for at least 10 years and serve over 1000 people. G. Alexander is the local Village Sarpanch who is responsible for its proper use and maintenance.

Finishing the cement base…tough to have to wait two more days before you can get the water that’s waiting to come out….

Finishing the cement base…tough to have to wait two more days before you can get the water that’s waiting to come out….

Chintapalli, Komarole Mandal, Prakasam District, India

Chintapalli, Komarole Mandal, Prakasam District, India

A remote village situated in the Komarole Mandal of Prakasam district which has 346 houses comprising of 1150 people. The women have to walk a half kilometer daily to fetch drinking water. Many thanks were communicated by the villagers to The Humankind Water for the provision of a hand pump bore well in their village.