A village located in Prakasam District, A.p., India. In this community 210 families and the total population is 1400. Most of them live in tiled houses and some live in mud walled thatched houses. They are daily wage earners taking up construction laborer and road laying etc. There have no protected drinking water facility in their village. There is one deep bore well cum hand pump which was provided by the government some years ago in the village and has failed and not in use. There is only one public tap in their street but they could not have access to water because of the power cut by the Electricity Board often and as most of the time it is dry. Their only source of water is from the public tap. They draw water from the open wells which are unprotected. By consuming unprotected drinking water, they suffer from water diseases like diarrhea and Typhoid etc. A deep bore well cum hand pump can be an ideal solution to fulfill their drinking water need. E. Rangaswamy Reddy (Assistant Engineer , RWSS) has appealed Humankind Water (Smile always Foundation) to install a deep bore well cum hand pump in their location.

Arriving at this village, it was clear to see that both the men and women were grateful for the new hand pump. Thanks to the Humankind Water. These villages will never again need to rely on electricity and or unprotected open wells. They can enjoy twenty four x seven accesses to clean water locally.