The village of Obulapuram is comprised of 1025 poor, landless laborers, living in 168 thatched roof huts and 94 tiled roof homes. The 253 children attend school at a local government school facility run by the government welfare department. The school offers classes from 1st Standard through 10th Standard. the only water source is government provided tap water, which is only usable for washing clothes and bathing. The water runs to the village for 1 hours per day; half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. However, the further down the water line a villager lives, the less water they will receive. Actual availability time is much less. Additionally, when the electricity is out, the villagers must walk 0.5 km to obtain water. For clean, drinking water, the villagers must purchase bottled water. It is very expensive and burden of for their poor condition.In this dedication there was a large group of children and parents present and participated in the celebration of life as a result of the bore well being placed in their village. The village expressed a heartfelt thank you to us to pass along to the donors.